Farewell America

a new song by

Fred Pohlman

And so you thought it was a farce

And ya' never thought you'd see the day...

That in the tally of the vote

You'd have to fear to come and go your way...


And so now the victors gloat

as they celebrate

And you 'pack' for


And the drunks cry out

from their pickup trucks

Go back to Africa

And there's talk of troops,

under cover of night

And a march toward


And your heart cries out

From the depths of your soul

Farewell America


Yeah ya though it was a farce

and ya never thought you'd see the day.

That in the Changing of the Guard

You'd have to fear to come and go your way

And now your heart sinks low

With the dissing of our Native Sons

As the Reich march time

To the cadence of their

Hallowed Drum


But let me ask you now...

my native sons

Did you know you've traveled far..?

That you ARE born of the

stuff of Living Light..

The dust of an

Ancient Star

That you're the protectors

of life's waters

And the good clean air we breathe...

Guardians of 'all' species,

And other mandates such as these?


Ever wake with a start in the middle of the night...

And did ya cry for her?

Been overcome with a glorious moment of pride..

Yeah, 'nd did ya sigh for her...

Would ya give your life, would ya sacrifice...


Would ya die for her...



In this age of greed

How do we fill the needs

of a world that so unjust...

Where even good men believe

God needs 'their' help

to reduce the earth to dust?

    One has to stop

     and wonder then...

Just in 'whch' God do they trust?


But then... in the

throws of the dark of

the night..

of your soul

You implore...

you beg

you weep,

you cry.

you pray...


....and then...


The Reign...

Comes down..


   ONE in Heart..

  We Gather Round...


from the chains

of ALL we've feared

we emerge

As Free



On the stages of the paths that we cross each day,

there is

a Great Divide

you can turn to the left

you can turn to the right

but from the truth

you 'cannot' hide

There we're building walls

where we need to bridge

these wounds

so deep and wide


Do you know the name of

   ONE family...

that tills our fields you?

The name of the son of the girl,

that does your nails for you?

Can you hold your head high

Look yourself in the eye...

When the day is through...

yeah can ya huh...



There are some who say,

to each his own...


to each a purpose born

One dons the robes of royalty


a crown of thorns

of the Saint it's said

both in word in deed

for what they believe

they suffer long..

Would you carry the weight

of a strangers load

walk a mile for her?

Would ya share your milk

with a strangers child..

still spend a while with her?

would ya share of your last loaf

with a hungry child..

and still smile for her



Ahh, but now we find ourselves in the middle of changing Game...

  and the Sheriff's comin' round..

and the Deputy's

Collecting Names

So are you ready and prepared

for a 3AM knock at the door?

Are ya ready to defend a neighbor..

hide a 'stranger'...

neath' the boards of your floor?

Are you?

Will you stand and fight my friend for that stranger on our shore

for that tired cold wretched huddled mass

seeking refuge from the war

will you fight for rights for those innocents

from whose mother's arms are torn?

have you thought perhaps..

that for these very acts..

that for this purpose were you born?

Are you ready and prepared for any

'necessary' call to arm?

and you ready to defend our forefathers' ways

give you heart,

your soul

your ALL..



in the way of harm?


NOT turn your back

not hide your light


Let thine 'eye' be whole

that our hearts beat 'true'

with every breath we honor her

Not fail your light on these darkest nights

for we bear the torch for her

You must 'know'

in your heart

each morn from the start




Not heed the goads

of those fools



Final Chorus

And the dead cry out from the stones of the earth

(Audience answers)

Hang on America

from the coast of Normandy

from their Arlington Tombs

Hang in America

From the depths of your heart

from the depths of your soul

Not fail America...

(Singers here may improvise their own call)

Copyright© Fred Pohlman 2017

Absolutely no permissions granted without written consent!

under ANY circumstances whatsoever!

Contact for permissions



Attention Singers

Although... this version is for a group of well schooled professional singers delivering alternate phrases and verses, I have also written a couple of simpler versions for those who can meet the criteria for performing it

The music that goes with it is very precise. The Song must be delivered by competent singers and instrumentalists.

Please DO NOT Share this work . or attempt to change it or add music of your own to it. I already have done that. Please understand that I do not spend months of my time writing something just to have someone come along and just 'lift' it at their leisure

Thank you

Fred Pohlman


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Fred Pohlman