and the Magic Ring



Suliman he was a holy man

Some say a prophet , some say

A changed one

Some say a Sufi and some say

the first

Sanyassin King

That on the night his wife gave birth unto

Her first born Sharihar

The air was filled with mirth

The heavens opened up

They say that you could

Hear the angels sing

Hoo... Allah hoo, hoo

Hoo..Allah hoo, hoo

Hoo,.Allah hoo, hoo hoo

Now beyond the revelations of the veiled

There is one ancient sacred Sufi Tale

A Tale that's told to Pilgrims weary

  Lost along the way...

Of how it was that by the grace of God

That 'neath the gentle hand of his Scheherazade

Were spared the daughters of Samarkand

And the Kingdom saved

So now gather here now all ye faithful here

now all ye Pilgrims lost

Now all ye lend an ear

And hear the wondrous tale of

Scheherazade and the Magic Ring

And how love prevailed a thousand nights and one

And with each lovely song

upon each setting sun

The heavens opened more

And set a Kingdoms heart again

To sing, to sing

To SING…..

Aeeee, aeee aeeeee

hoo Allahuuu

In the Name of the

Merciful and Compassionate

Peace Be Upon You

In the tradition of

A 1001 Arabian Nights

We bring you the wondrous tale of

the never before tolde...

Scheherazade and the

Magic Ring

Copyright © 2012 Fr ed Pohlman Music

Copyright is Strictly Enforced

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