and the

Magic Ring


Scheherazade and the Magic Ring is a  

Work in Progress,

for Musical Theatre consisting of (to date) 21 Songs. What you are listening to in the background is the 'Opening Song' which follows the Overture to the Work.

Whereas the Libretto is based on the classical Motif of the

1001 Arabian Nights, the Tales related by Scheherazade to her husband the King, are only related to the classical stories of the Arabian Nights Entertainments superficially.

This work is different in that it centers on conversations that take place among the principal characters of the play, (Scheherazade, her sister Dinarazade and Sharihar the King, with profound implications for the resolving of the problems that divide Jew, Muslim and Christian. Over the course of 1001 Nights,

'The Secret'

of the  'Magic Ring'

Is Revealed

and, the King is fully 'Healed' of the murderous 'rage' that was destroying not only he himself, and his victims, but also bringing the Kingdom of Samarkand to ruin.


can play a 'major' part in getting

'Scheherazade And the Magic Ring'

out to the people by

contributing generously.

Here is what is needed at this point in order to finish this work.



Any serious Artist, whether they be Composer, Author, Dancer, name it...

They 'Know'

that the 'creative process' requires

'freedom' from the banal.'

One cannot live the life required of a 'true' artist when they are burdened with  having to work a 9 to 5 job at minimum wage... It is just

NOT Possible!

Just to come and go freely enough so as to work without distraction, requires about

$1200 a month after taxes.


The Financial Resources to

Publish this Work and...

Record the Music.

Since the 21 Songs of this Musical are basically 'already complete', AND...since I already own much of the equipment I need to record them, I could begin that project as soon as I could repair the roof which houses the Solar Panels that power this Cabin in the woods where I live and work .

I also need 'to replace', the 16 Troyan Batteries that those Solar Panels charge...

The batteries I have now...are


... Dead as a doornail!!!

The repair of the roof and the purchase of  16 new Troyan Batteries would cost about...

$7,000 to $10,000 dollars.

there is also the matter of the fact that with 'any' recording that I do make, I have to play most of the instruments and sing them myself; which is fine... Some of the tunes require nothing more than that... BUT ...Ideally, it would be best to utilize the talents of other professionals who could sing the songs in CHARACTER...!  

ALSO... it would be ideal if for example instead of my having to play say: English Horn or Oboe, and do it with 'synthesis', I could rather employ the talents of a professional musician who is already proficient on these particular instruments. This starts to bring the project into a much more serious light, and 'this' will be expensive...!

Also, there is the matter of

'Scoring and Proofing' the Musical.

I already have the arrangements, but they have to be written down and 'proofed'! For this I can use Julliard or Manhattan School of Music students ...

who are EXCELLENT!

This should be considered a whole separate project. I should be able to do it properly for

less than $12,000 to $15,000

Can YOU help?

This is NOT... for the feint of heart...that's for sure!