Lost Gospel of Enlightenment


Gospel of the

Enlightened Disciples



On The

Nature of Prayer

Know that Man sineth when he transgresseth the spirit, which is within him. He sineth when he succumbs to his own pride, for from that pride verily cometh a man's shame; and when a man lusteth after things of the flesh without first considering the injustices he might inflict onto those that might suffer because of his lusting doth a man sin. Know that he that raiseth his hand against another in anger so too then does he sin in that he permit to be hardened his heart, which is an injustice against his Self. “  

      So how then shall we pray?” one asketh of him,

And Jesus answereth:

     "When ye pray, use not vain repetitions as the heathen do thinking they shall be heard for their much speaking. And be not thou as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues bowing and raising their heads unto the heavens and waving their arms much, Standing on the corners of the streets do they love that they may be seen as pious men.  

     Enter thou rather unto the secret place of thine own heart, and when thou hast therein shut the door; tightly that no man knoweth; commune then with thine own heart. But know ye also that the call to prayer striketh as the lightening from the heavens, for witness to injustice occureth at the well, and at the plow, so too it striketh on the field of battle as it will, at the preparation of the Sup and at the purification and the washing of the bowl and the cup, even unto the cleansing of the latrine can a man be brought to that place where is prayer!  For:

…whereever injustice meets  and comes face to face with hope…

There prayer is

When righteous action brings hope

There prayer is

At the moment of commitment to compassion

There prayer is

Where tears spring forth in sorrow at the thought of injustice,

Be it at the plow or at the well or on the field of battle…

There prayer is

When or where the heart is overcome with the joy of justice done

There prayer in thanksgiving  is

Where sincerity seeks to meet righteous action  

There prayer is

When unrighteousness is brought to light, Where thirst for justice is kindled there…

There is prayer

Where two or three gather in the name of justice

Know that prayer is there

Where begins the search for mercy

Know that prayer is there!

Where begins the search for truth

Know that prayer is there

Where aspires even one to the Way…

Know that prayer is there

When reveals one all to the light

Know that prayer is there

When in the light one bares one's soul to the truth

Know that prayer is there

At the brink of the abyss where no hope is found

Prayer is there

At the brink of the abyss where hope 'is' found..

There has prayer been answered

Where outrage meets righteous action

There is the fruit of prayer

Wherever and whenever the search begins in one's heart

There is prayer

Where sustained effort meets conviction to righteousness

Therein is the Supplicant….and

'There' prayer has been

Where Anger and Bitterness meet the resistance of love and forgiveness…

There is prayer and there am I also

When angst and confusion meet introspection and lead to humility in supplication…

There is prayer budding

Where arrogance concedes and defers…

to wisdom and humility..

There is the flowering of prayer

Where the contrite heart meets the desire

… for change

….There is prayer

And if ye can in no wise find within yourself where is prayer then address your Heavenly Father thus:

Beloved Father!

Creator of the Heavens

and of the Earth

Holy be thy Name.

May mercy be thy Way.

Secret be thy place.

May soon thy Kingdom come

May Thine will be always done

In the earth and the flesh …as it is in Spirit.

Give us this day for our sustenance only, and

Forgive us  our ignorance and trespass

And teach us to forgive those that approach us in ignorance and trespass against us

And deliver us from that evil that we bring upon ourselves through our own heedlessness.

For we are only but the Sons of Mortal Men who unto dust shall return with all beneath the sun and for

Thine is the Kingdom and the Power, and to Thee only

Belongs the Glory forever Amen."