Wedding At

Cana of Gallillee

    And so it was that Jesus returned then unto the Jordan seeking John. And when he arrived he had learned that John had gone to where there was more water, and then abiding there for three days, that disciple of John called Nathanial came seeking after him and told him that he and his brethren had been called unto the wedding of their sister, and that his mother had procured a fine house in the Village of Cana of Gallilee for the occasion. And Jesus went up unto Cana with Nathaniel and Phillip and other of John's talmidin who were his kin, And as it was that they were three days in journeying, and were wearied upon their arrival, Jesus spake unto his mother petitioning wine for his guests, but his Mother said unto him.

“They have no more wine”

and he inquired of her of how it was that there was no wine left when the night was as yet young, and were still guests arriving. But he 'knew', for this was not the first time.And as she spake unto to him a sorrowing, and at a loss for words, she began to weep , and so then, as Jesus embraced her warmly so as to comfort her he chided her gently saying:

“Oh woman, what am I to do with thee?”

And with this gesture, her countenance was now lifted, and so confident that her son would put this affair of the wedding in order, she smiled at her son and then she turned to the steward of the house in his passing and addressed him thus:

“This is my son! He shall speak now for our family on this matter of the wine.

Whatever he says unto you:

Do it!”

And Jesus spoke firmly to him and with the authority as the head of the family saying:

'“How be it that ye say 'There is no more wine' when the night is as yet young and are

still guests arriving.”  

And the steward lowered his head and answered him saying:
“Forgive us please, but there is no more wine”

And Jesus inquired then of the steward as to what were in certain large stone jars that he had seen upon entering the abode. And the steward told him that they were the jars of the water of purification and for the washing of vessels.

And Jesus commanded of the servants to bring those jars unto him. And when they set the jars before him, he told them to pour out unto the guests. And as each in their turn did taste of the contents of the jars, they remarked all that it seemed strange that whereas normally the best wine would be served first that only then were the dregs served up, but that in this case the best had been saved for last. And then was poured out to all the guests and to his sister and the bridegroom,

and his mother wept with joy and Yeshua went to further comfort her.

And now seeing that he would be perceived as a cheat and miser, and also knowing the repute of Jesus, the owner of that fine house went about proclaiming:

“Behold, a prophet is among us”

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