Lost Gospel of Enlightenment


Gospel of the

Enlightened Disciples



   The above titled, is a work of Historic Fiction, written in the King James style of the New Testement , which follows no one gospel in particular, but rather moreso fuses elements of the existing 4 gospels in such a way that those elements that have previously lent themselves to 'Magical Thinking', are now clarified in such a way so as to shed new light on their authors original intent.

This should become very evident to any open minded reader who peruses the 5 stories that appear in the links below.

    FIRST however,

here is a very brief 'excerpt' from the quite lengthy PREFACE of the LGE . I do hope this will clarify a few things for you as to my intent in creating this work.


   ......  The purpose of this book is to create 'impacts' upon the mind of the reader in accord with his or her capacities. It is also the purpose of this text to provide 'light' for the finding of the 'lost' keys to the understanding of the New Testament Gospels.

   In the past, the only light that was provided was that blinding 'gaudy glare' cast in the guise of  the 'miracles' of the four Gospels.

    The situation has always been one as depicted in the Nasrudin tale of the 'Lost Key'. Idries Shah relates the story of Nasrudin searching for his house key under the glare of a streetlamp. Realizing that his friend's search seems to be of no avail, Nasrudin's confused companion inquires of him:

“Well, where did you lose it?”  

“At home!” Nasrudin replys.

"Then, why on earth are you looking for it here?” his companion asks.

“Well , he answers, “There is more light here”.

   And so it is with trying to fathom the mysteries of the New Testament. There is simply not enough light available to those not trained to 'see' in the dark so to speak, and so, they seek out the only light available to them under the circumstances, and that light is the 'glare' of those so-called miracles that never happened.  The garish light that the miricles do provide only serve to further obscure the true spirit of the teaching of Jesus Ben Jusef, or Jesus the Christ.   The truth is, that the 'key' is not to be found there at all. In fact the key is not even itself what they think it to be. They believe that this key they are searching for will open some kind of cosmic mystery, when in fact the real key will simply unlock and subsequently release the artifice of the miracles, leaving the underlying 'living' truths to stand alone in the light that they themselves emanate.

The only reason the average person cannot see that light for what it is, is because they lack the strength to overcome the inertia of years of reinforced magical thinking imposed upon them by their families and the churches. If they could overcome it, they would soon come to realize as even Jesus points out in the Lost Gospel text,  'the splendor and munificence of the Sun and the Moon and the Stars'... was as miracle enough!

   They would come to realize that they 'were' in fact the living stuff of stars. They would come to understand that “GOD' as they call it was being used as a four letter word these days and that they might indeed be better off  NOT creating any images or likeness's of the MOST HIGH in the workings of their own imagination……

The Wedding Feast  at Cana

The Woman at the Well

The Annointing of the Messiah

(Formally called the Transfiguration)

Jesus Goes up to Jerusalem and

There is Prayer

The Condemned Woman

The Insurrection In The Temple